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Priya Subberwal is a qualified Classical Feng Shui practitioner. A trained interior designer, her interest in Chinese Metaphysics was sparked by a chance look through at a coffee table book on the subject in 2000. After extensive reading on the subject, she formally started studying in 2007 and applying it to her daily life. Friends and family too gained from her knowledge and fascination. Priya aims to bring focus and stability to the lives of others. In 2016 she formed the company 'Disha' which comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Dishadhara’ meaning direction - something that she strives to give her clients.

Priya is a yoga enthusiast and an avid reader. She lives in Hong Kong with her banker husband and a dog. She is a mother of two adult daughters, who love giving her unsolicited fashion and make-up advice. Interestingly, she previously co-owned a cricket team “Kowloon Cantons” in Hong Kong and has co- authored an Amazon bestseller novel #my voice -A collective memoir by women of substance.

Some words from clients


Over the years, I’ve always admired Priya’s beautiful taste in interior design and sense of aesthetics and followed her professional journey of becoming a Classical Feng Shui and Metaphysics Consultant. During the 2021 second covid wave in India, I was confronted with a major health issue. Besides consulting with my medical Doctors, I was also looking for solutions around bringing about a natural sense of harmony and peace in my home to aid my healing. Consulting with Priya at Disha Consulting has been a game changer. As a strong believer of data and analytics, I really appreciate the science and logic that she brings to a very ancient form of design and aesthetics. She explained things in a very simple manner, and provided solutions that were extremely doable, patiently guiding me through the process. In a short span of time since implementing these changes, there has been a significant change in my overall well being and I look forward to continuing to benefit from her knowledge and guidance.

Priya is a very knowledgeable Feng shui practitioner. I attended a Chinese New Years talk where she told us what was in store for coming year of the Ox. The session was extremely engaging and informative. I liked how she asked us to download our charts prior to the session and then showed us the tools to decipher the chart and what it signified for us. This meant that I could give predictions for the year to my family and friends too! She also gave us common sense advice to tweak our home layouts and ideas for simple item placements to maximise the positive energy in our homes. Although the session was only an hour long, I learnt a lot and benefitted greatly from her knowledge. I highly recommend Priya, she is is a great presenter, full of positivity and is very practical in her recommendations.

Working with Priya helped me understand and embrace Feng Shui and easily incorporate it in my life. Since consulting with her, I have been progressively able to create a balanced space, both in my life and my place, with healing and nurturing energy. With Priya's holistic guidance that are easily adoptable in various aspects of everyday life, I have observed positive change including improving my awareness and my thoughts.

Working with Priya has been so enlightening. She is incredibly knowledgable on all things Feng Shui and she certainly has a gift of taking an extremely complicated subject and make it easy for us layman to understand. She is gentle and caring and incredibly passionate about her trade. I couldn't recommend her enough!

When I arrived in Hong Kong I was eager to learn about Fengshui and Priya came along recommanded by some friends of mine. Since then Priya has taught me Fengshui, Bazi Charts and more in a very relaxed way, with passion and professionalism. She is very flexible and always finds the best time for the class and when you feel a bit lost with your notes, she is happy to explain again. I warmly encourage anyone to come and join Priya's Classes.

Thanks Priya, for taking out time and reading my chart. Now I have a clarity for the next one year. According to your suggestions I can strengthen my weak points and at the same time enjoy the best times coming ahead. Really appreciate your efforts and would continue taking your advice in future.

Excellent empathy, understanding and comprehensive response, sensitive approach to client needs. When in need Priya is the best resource...

I have consulted Priya for two homes. She has been very helpful, and explained every detail and technicality of the system and how it would affect me and my family. It was very easy to understand even to a new initiate like me. The changes and suggestions recommended made intuitive sense and were easy to incorporate in every day life. Priya will also be the first to remind you of something you need to do even 6 months after the last consultation. She is great at what she does and a thorough professional. I would highly recommend her.

We are avid believers in the benefits of Feng Shui and Baazi for our personal and business lives and have relied on Priya’s advice since 2012 and benefitted from it in good and challenging times. We would recommend her advice to anyone seeking to benefit from Feng Shui and or Baazi.

Beyond the boundaries is very fresh and vibrant on same time while it has loads of useful information.Feng shui tips were really great.While BTB covered candle vigil it fulfilled its duty towards society. Article about Rome was amazing I felt like walking through the streets of city. Keep doing good work

We’ve been consulting with Priya for a few years now- and she’s been fabulous . Very detailed, proactive and thoughtful with her suggestions, which she does throughout the year.

I was initially skeptical when i learnt about Feng Shui and how it effects one's luck. But after Priya used her expertise in correcting the layout of my house and office as well as advised me on good and bad days in a particular month, i have been converted to a true believer in this science. Priya is very patient in the way she explains the nuances of this science so well. She is a master in this science and i shall continue to use her knowledge for my betterment.

Actually I found the workshop very useful since I moved to HK a few months ago and had no previous knowledge about Feng Shui.I definitely would love to know more about how to organize my house and I would love more information about my family life (best dates or months).

I consulted Priya Subberwal for a Bazi reading on 2 May 2020 and we spend over an hour on my chart. It was fascinating to hear all the details that Priya offered from the interpretations of the the 4 pillars, the yin and yang aspects related to each of the 4 pillars, the 3 lucks and the various energies that were associated with strengthening my birth element and also the ones that I need to be cautious about. Priya, while remaining very objective was intently caring and motivating in assimilating the best possible direction for me. What I, also, thoroughly enjoyed are all those little things that are invisible and how compassionately she made them visible to me. A very insightful and galvanising reading. Noble people are the ones who help and guide and Priya is one of them.

I had heard about feng shui, the Indian equivalent vaastu and other similar practices but had always maintained a healthy scepticism. So when I consulted Priya for the first time, I was a healthy sceptic and my husband tagged along for domestic peace. Priya was very patient with our ignorance and explained the philosophy behind and methods of feng shui, giving us enough materials to read, space to absorb, ask questions and get ready to embrace feng shui. We very much appreciated her education and engagement instead of simply prescribing dos and donts. The advice Priya gave us was holistic across professional and personal lives and she spent a lot of time with us explaining charts, their interpretation and implications. When she asked us to make changes, they were subtle adjustments and easy to follow actions vs ‘in your face’ and complicated ones and she explained the rationale behind each. We also appreciate how she continues to follow up with us from time to time to check progress and how she takes huge ownership. Change is a journey, so since we started consulting with Priya, we have observed positive change in our lives and remain confident that she will be able to guide us successfully into the future. We are very thankful for what she continues to do for us and I look forward to her guidance and counsel in the years to come.





Feng Shui Mastery series with Dato Joey Yap, Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, Malaysia

Bazi Mastery series with Dato Joey Yap, Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, Malaysia

*Bazi: Four pillars of Destiny with Grandmaster Raymond Lo, Hong Kong

Mian Xiang: Chinese Art of Face Reading: series with Dato Joey Yap, Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, Malaysia

Xuan Kong Da Gua: Sherry Merchant, India

Qi Min Dun Ja: series with Dato Joey Yap, Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, Malaysia

I Ching: Book of change with Grandmaster Raymond Lo, Hongkong

Walking the Dragons: Feng Shui and spiritual Qi Min DunJa expedition in Taiwan and China with Dato Joey Yap

Advance Interior Design, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), Singapore

Interior Design Diploma, Jenson & Nicholson, India

What I do?

Here are some of my expertise

Consultations are strictly confidential and may vary in time and length depending on the requirement. Please contact Priya directly for a quote of the services required.


combined with personal Destiny chart update.


Keeping all family members specific goals & requirements in mind for long & short term results.


selection of personal wealth star & activation for career opportunities. Placement of work stations best suited for the entire team.


launching of new products, application submission, moving into a new home etc.


personalised Destiny reading: understanding your hidden strengths, personality type, preferences and using them to the fullest.


questions using Qi Min Dun Ja & I Ching techniques.


private and small group classes to learn the basics of fengshui, Bazi and Qimen dun ja